Unmasking the
Pain Within

Patty McCall speaks out against domestic violence.

About Patty McCall

Patty McCall is a native of Oklahoma. She worked for a financial institution for ten years as a supervisor over the tellers and worked in customer service . A loving mom of three, Patty devoted much of her time as a Home Room Mom, PTA member, and Cheerleading sponsor.

As the owner of a clothing boutique she became involved with the Chamber of Commerce, which led to coordinating fashion shows, becoming a Director for the Miss Fall Festival, a National Talent Judge, and a Board Member for the Miss Oklahoma Pageant. She also participated in the Mrs. Oklahoma Pageant and reigned as Mrs. Wagoner County.

Patty and her daughters were naturals in all aspects of the film industry; from print to commercials and theatre to modeling. In 2004, Patty relocated to California to become an Assistant Director for the Young Actors Camp. She is a teacher and production coordinator for Joey Travolta’s Short Film Camp for Children and an acting coach for children at the Dedicated Talent Agency. She has also worked as a TV host for “Hollywood Weekly” and “Blonde Talk Now.”

Currently, Patty is involved with the organization, “Milphworld” which stands for Mothers, In Life, Passion and Health. She continues to follow her passion for performing with various supporting roles in television series and films, such as “Montana Amazon.” 

Patty is the Founder for the P.A.I.N. Foundation.

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